One Plus 3t brief Review-Full Phone Specifications

one plus 3t review-Design

one plus 3t review

  • From the display point of view One Plus 3t looks exactly same as OnePlus3     -one plus 3t review.
  • One Plus 3t has a full metal body design with a slightly curved back side, rounded corners, and sides.It allows the phone to feel a lot thinner.

one plus 3t review

  • Even if One Plus 3t is made of metal the phone fell very comfortable and light weighted.
  • The only way to differentiate both phones is color.Instead of silver, you have a gun metal version in 3t which is slightly expensive.
  • Overall the design part feels lot more premium than its predecessor(one plus3).


  • 5.5-inch screen remains unchanged from OnePlus3
  • One Plus 3t is a 1080p display and the best one in the market.Yeah, it is not a 4k display. But it definitely is one of the most attractive displays ever.
  • One Plus 3t is AMOLED display so colors are bright and rich.


  • One Plus 3t comes with 3400 mAmp battery which is 30% more than the original One Plus3t.
  • One Plus 3t  has dash charging technology.
  • As the company stated, it can completely charge in half an hour.
  • Day-Day usage has been extremely good even with heavy usage of gaming, watching youtube videos.


one plus 3 review

  • One Plus 3t has Snapdragon 821 which is very powerful.
  • One Plus 3t has 6 GB ram same as One Plus 3.So multitasking is not a matter.
  • By the end of the year, One Plus 3t stated that they gonna release android N
  • One Plus 3t runs on Oxygen os based in android Marshmallow
  • One Plus 3t has tons of customizations adds great experience.


  • Since Camera is the most important feature for most of the users, it is very important to cover this topic.
  • One Plus 3t comes with 16 mp front camera.It is great for selfies.It can produce great pics under low light.
  • The rear camera is 16 mp same as One Plus 3.

one plus 3t review

Definitely not a better performer in this segment. But, it is a pretty good performer in this segment.


  • No expandable storage.So you cannot have a sd card slot
  • Single bottom firing speakers.It is difficult to hear sounds in noisy places.

To be frank, these are not really negatives. These are just downsides that don’t really matter.


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